Aurora midnight blue baroque coin pearl and gold filigree earrings

$35.00 USD

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  • The beautiful Aurora earrings are a must-have for you and also make the perfect gift for friends and family at any occasion! Elevate your style with the Aurora necklace or wear them on their own! GET 10% OFF ON PURCHASE OF THE ENTIRE SET (APPLY CODE "AURORA SET")
  • Composed of 24 K gold-plated delicate zircon-studded earring hooks, midnight blue coin pearls with iridescent hues of purple and grey and finely detailed gold filigree accents.
  • Suitable for pierced ears.
  • Handcrafted with high quality interlocking chain elements.
  • Length measured from the top is approximately 2 inches.
  • Please note that each pearl is a little miracle created by nature and hence no two pearls look alike. The variations in their color, shape and size that you will observe in our jewelry are what makes them intriguing and beautiful, unleashing pure creativity and imagination in jewelry design. Minor blemishes, flaws and irregularities visible on their surface make each piece of jewelry distinctively yours only.

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