Simra vivid purple amethyst with shiny gold swirl beads bracelet


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  • Add a pop of color with the vivid purple hues of this piece that looks gorgeous on its own or with the Simra set.
  • Composed of amethyst stones in vibrant hues of violet accented with high quality 24 K gold-plated beads with a swirly pattern.
  • Magnetic gold-plated clasp to maximize comfort and ensure easy usage.
  • Hand knotted on pure silk.
  • Length of the bracelet including the clasp is 7.2 inches. (Please ensure that this measurement will fit you, otherwise contact us for custom made sizes).
  • These look great stacked together: Simra white freshwater pearl and gold-edged amethyst bracelet, Simra vivid purple amethyst and shiny gold swirl bracelet, Simra lustrous white freshwater pearl and gold swirl bracelet and Simra gold swirl and lustrous central white pearl bracelet. 
  • Look gorgeous and avail the beneficial properties of gemstones too! Amethyst has the ability to act as a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and reduces negativity and balances mood swings. It activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances inner strength and clarity of the mind.

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